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Grenfell inquiry update

Grenfell inquiry update

Today was the seventh day of the Grenfell Inquiry, chaired by Sir Martin Moore-Bick.

The following victims of the tragedy were commemorated today:

Raymond “Moses” Bernard (Flat 201)

Farah Hamdan, Omar Belkadi, Malak Belkadi and Leena Belkadi (Flat 175)

Sakineh Afrasiabi (Flat 151)

Fatemeh Afrasiabi (Flat 151)

Khadija Khaloufi (Flat 143)

Gary Maunders (Flat 161)

Isra Ibrahim (Flat 206)

Sirria Choucair, Nadia Choucair, Bassem Chousair, Mierna Choucair, Fatima Choucair and Zainab Choucair (Flats 191 and 193)

The Choucair family lost 5 people as did the Al Wahabi.

This was the final day of the commemorations hearings. A 72 second silence was held at the end of the hearing as a mark of respect to each victim. The Inquiry continues tomorrow.


Inquiry Headlines

Coverage of the Grenfell Tower Public Inquiry proceedings continued today from news outlets including The Guardianthe TimesSky News, and ABC News all providing updates from the hearings. Notably the tributes included those to a 'heroic' victim who gave refuge to six people in his flat on the top floor. The BBC highlighted the details provided in one commemoration of a disabled victim living on the 18th floor of the tower. London Fire Bridge also responded to criticism, following some commemorations earlier this week questioning the ‘Stay Put’ policy The Daily Telegraph.


The proceedings are highly emotive and might be distressing for some. NHS Outreach Team members are available to provide emotional support to those affected by the tragedy. There is a 24 hour helpline number available on 0800 0234 650.  


General News


Two people have been convicted of fraudulently claiming £125,000 by posing as Grenfell Tower victims, The Times The Evening Standard.


There was further coverage of the Council’s plans to replace up to 4000 fire doors The Independent


There was further coverage of Muslim Aid’s report that stated the Council’s response was ‘badly flawed’ BBC.


There was coverage of musician Jimmy Page’s appearance at the Council’s planning committee yesterday evening, in his effort to prevent building work on a property neighbouring his own belonging to singer Robbie Williams ABC News .


Book now to see Shirleymander at The Playground Theatre

Book now to see Shirleymander at The Playground Theatre

Latest Grenfell Tower news

Latest Grenfell Tower news