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What the papers said ...

What the papers said ...

The Evening Standard: Local elections 2018: Kensington and Chelsea leader says Grenfell is 'our first priority' after Conservatives maintain control

The leader of Kensington and Chelsea council today issued a warning to her own councillors after the Tories safely held on to a “divided borough”. 

The Conservative Party retained control of Kensington and Chelsea despite speculation that Labour could win an unlikely breakthrough.


In the wake of the Grenfell disaster half of the Conservative’s councillors did not stand for re-election – meaning there are 17 new Tory councillors.

Leader of Kensington and Chelsea Council Elizabeth Campbell told the town hall everyone in the borough lived “in the shadow” of the tragedy: “Grenfell was, Grenfell is and Grenfell will be our first priority.

She told the Standard: “We cannot, and should not, claim to have the full support of an undivided borough.

“The map of the borough continues to send a message and lays down a challenge. It is a challenge we accept, we have new councillors, we have fresh faces, and we understand the need for change.

The Daily Mail reported that:

  • Labour had hoped take control of Kensington & Chelsea amid anger at tragedy
  • But Tories comfortably held on to  borough with 36 seats to Labour's 13

Elizabeth Campbell, Tory leader of the council, welcomed the results and insisted the borough will concentrate on 'Grenfell will be our first priority'.

In a speech to activists and councillors gathered at the count, she said: 'I think we all recognise we still need to rebuild trust.

'And to do that we need to earn trust. And we need to earn it day by day and by our actions, not just by our words.'

She went on: 'We also recognise that all of us in Kensington and Chelsea live in the shadow of Grenfell.

'And Grenfell was, Grenfell is and Grenfell will be our first priority.'

Almost half of the Conservative councillors chose not to run in this election, including former leader Nicholas Paget-Brown, who stepped down along with his deputy after the fire.

Ms Campbell said the election had ushered in a whole array of new, diverse faces that she hopes will 'refresh and the renew' the local Tory Party.

'I think that's great and I think we will reflect the borough much more than we did,' she added.

The Tory victory came on a night of poor results for Labour which failed to make the sweeping victories in London it had hoped to.


Norland Ward won by Conservative party

Norland Ward won by Conservative party

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