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Gardening News: Seasonal hints and tips, suggestions for gardens to visit, shout of for volunteers

Gardening News: Seasonal hints and tips, suggestions for gardens to visit, shout of for volunteers

We hope that you are all enjoyed the Summer weather, some plants are already fruiting a little earlier than usual due to the dry conditions and hot sunshine so please check yours. Remember you really cannot water too much in these conditions and your soil should be damp to at least the root depth of the plant.

If the soil dries out too much it will be difficult for it to retain water and when you water it will just go straight through or run-off and be wasted. If this has happened to your plot you will need to add some new compost and really dig it in and then give a proper water. It is best to water in stages so a little at first followed by a more thorough soaking.

Don't forget to keep feeding the plants weekly throughout the growing season, a dilute tomato feed will be suitable for most crops.

If you have anything growing in your plot you don't recognise, or remember planting, it will probably be a weed. Birds often drop seeds and squirrels love to bury nuts, so it's not that unusual to see a tree start growing, Just dig up and compost or if you are unsure please ask us.

If in doubt about anything please contact William or Lisa who will be happy to advise you.

Henry Dicken's Court Kitchen Garden open day 9th September  

Each year Henry Dickens Court Kitchen Garden holds an open day to raise funds for the garden. Everyone is invited to come and see this amazing oasis on the corner of Sirdar Road and Stoneleigh Place, it is opposite Avondale Primary School. Over the years the gardeners have added a carp pond, a wild life pond, worked with the local school and encouraged  local residents to enjoy the garden.

On the day there will be food for sale and some of Mike Summers wonderful pots will also be available. Mike is treasurer of the Henry Dickens Court Garden Club and he and other club members will be on hand to answer questions.  The gardeners also have the bokashi compost system and if you have questions about how this works this will be a great chance to find out.

Volunteering opportunities

If you have some free time and would like to volunteer either at Cultivating K&C or on other improvement schemes throughout the borough please get in touch with Lisa or William.


Silver Sunday 7 October

Silver Sunday is a programme of events offered to older residents that takes place during early October with the main celebrations taking place on Sunday 7 October.  We will have details of gardening events in our next newsletter. You can also get a flavour of some of the events planned for Kensington and Chelsea at www.rbkc.gov.uk/silversunday

Tube closures over August Bank Holiday weekend

Tube closures over August Bank Holiday weekend

Summer tastings at Nicolas

Summer tastings at Nicolas